Saturday, October 24, 2009

23 October 2009

Since SHERMAN left her homeport on the 22nd of September, she has been plying the waters of the Eastern Pacific, enforcing maritime law and ensuring safety of life at sea. Her crew is salty. Their skins are tanned an equatorial shade of brown and mustaches grown jungle thick. Under the command of new CO, CAPT Haycock, SHERMAN has found success in the first month of the patrol.

Just after departing San Diego, SHERMAN steamed south to intercept a suspect vessel. Though it did not have contraband on board, the intelligence gained from the boarding resulted in other busts in the Eastern Pacific. After skipping the first port call due to operational needs, the crew was rewarded with a stop in a spring break hotspot Acapulco, Mexico. Even though it was not Spring Break, SHERMAN’s crew had a relaxing time, embarked a few crew members, and geared up for the next stint at sea. The next day SHERMAN took on a group of detainees, seized cocaine, and took a small boat in tow from the U.S. Navy. Less than a week later they were transferred to another ship and SHERMAN returned to normal operations. The crew has been enjoying “steel beach” on Sundays, workouts on the flight deck at sunset, and watching marine life. Whales, dolphins, sea turtles, sting rays, and sportfish provide daily entertainment. An extended family of swallows has even taken roost on the bridge wing.

As the 720 chases an endless summer between the hemispheres, we would like to extend our congratulations to the newborn members of the SHERMAN family as well as the newlyweds. All our best to our families at home, our heads and hearts remain with you always. Please check back soon for another update on the whereabouts and activities of cutter SHERMAN.


  1. Thank you so much for making this blog. We can't wait to see more post....thank you agian.

    Parents of Jonathan Carbone OS3.

  2. Thank you!!!! I will be passing this on to family so they understand more of Brian's job :)

    FS3 Tillinger's Wife

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  4. Thank you for the much needed blog spot. The update was great. Keep up the hard work and enjoy yourselves as much as possible. E3SN Cottons mom

  5. So wonderful to have a way to get updates on what's going on with our Sherman family!! I'm Debra, SA Jade Cude's mom. We are located in North Texas, in a suburb of Dallas. Me and my younger daughter Jasmine miss Jade sooo much and love to hear any news about what she's doing and how things are going on the Sherman!! We went to the recruiter's this past week because Jasmine is so impressed with the Coast Guard and she looks up to her sister so much that she is ready to join!! We just came back from the bookstore tonight so we could buy her the study ASVAB book so she can get her scores as high as possible. Thanks so much for getting this blog up and running for all of us missing our Guardians!!
    Love to all!!
    Proud mamma of SA Jade Cude!

  6. Great blog! It is a wonderful way to remind those of us back home what you are all working so diligently for. Thank you for helping to keep our country safe. We look forward to more posts on this site. Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated.

    Captain Haycock's family

  7. Big thanks for your work on this blog and keep the information coming. This is Lt. Matt VanGinkel's first patrol and his family back in Iowa and Florida are very proud of his service in the USCG. We also want to extend our prayers for the families of AIRSTATION Sacramento based crew of the CG-1705 during this difficult time: Lt. Cmdr. Che J. Barnes, Lt. Adam W. Bryant, Chief Petty Officer John F. Seidman, Petty Officer 2nd Class Carl P. Grigonis, Petty Officer 2nd Class Monica L. Beacham, Petty Officer 2nd Class Jason S. Moletzsky, and drop master Petty Officer 3rd Class Danny R. Kreder II. Semper Paratus

    Parents of Lt. Matthew VanGinkel
    Des Moines, IA

  8. A BIG thanks for providing this blog. It is so wonderful to get news on our Guardians. Your families at home wish you all a safe voyage and thank you for your service. We are proud of you all. Looking forward to the next blog post. Hope its soon.
    Mother of EM-3 Reliford

  9. An official notice!!! I have apparently embarrassed my daughter by referring to her by her previous rank and am banned from blogging when I'm tired!! My humble apologies to Seaman Jade Cude!! I promise to only blog when I am fully awake!! Also, HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY SEAMAN CUDE!!! I hope you got a chance to celebrate with all your crewmates!! I miss you! Jazzy misses you and we can't wait to see you soon!! All my love.
    Happy Birthday to my favorite Guardian!!
    (and all my prayers to the families of AIRSTATION SACRAMENTO CG 1705).

  10. Congrats on your hard work! You all have made it on the internet news again! Hope to hear an update soon! ~