Friday, November 13, 2009

SN Jade Cude 13 November 09

After leaving Panama on the 25th of October, we went right into holiday routine. The crew was able to get some rest before starting up operations again. Most of the crew could be found in their racks sleeping since the trip to Panama was exciting enough to wear them out. SHERMAN has only been underway for a little while now and the watches and boat lowering evolutions (for us Seamen) continue to tire out the best of us. Seamen and the Boatswain Mates stand watch on the bridge of the cutter with the Officer of the Deck (OOD) and the Conning Officer. The Seamen rotate between standing lookout (looking for vessels), helm (steering the boat), and messenger (making pipes and routing chits).
On Halloween, after knock off ship’s work, pizza was served on the mess deck to get the night kicked off right. After dinner, we went trick-or-treating in the officer’s staterooms, followed by a costume contest. The best costume that got elected by the crew was a trio of old memories. OS2 Marenco, ET3 Sherman, and ET3 McCullough who dressed up as (in order) Mario, Luigi and Princess Toadstool won the contest by far. Everybody that participated had fun and we all got candy and ice cream!
About a week later, an e-mail went out to all hands that on Sunday, November 8th, morale boat rides would commence on the starboard boat deck. For about 3 hours, anybody who wanted to ride on the small boats, which we use on boardings, could come and enjoy the festivities. Wave after wave of shipmates went out over the horizon and came back with plenty of smiles to go around. Going 15 knots and flying over swells in the open ocean can make anyone happy. Morale definitely rose and gave everyone that little extra push to make the following weeks more enjoyable.
SHERMAN pulled into Costa Rica today, November 10th, to receive fuel and supplies only to pull back out around 2000 the same night. Loading up on everything we need to sail again, SHERMAN is back to patrolling the calm seas off Central America, saving lives and keeping the Pacific drug-free.


  1. Hey Jade!!! Jazz and I were so glad to see your blog! I let out a little scream of joy when the page first pulled up on the computer and it kinda scared Jasmine cause she didn't know why I squealed!! So we read your post together and you sound so good. I have to admit that I laugh so hard when I read your description of the winners of the Halloween costume competition!! I could almost feel those waves when you were blogging about how it feels to go out on the smaller boats. I could see your happy face and almost smell the salt air!! If this gets embarrassing OH WELL!! Deal with it!! :) I'm the Momma so just think of it as my job. And for all your crew mates reading this and making mamma jokes and teasing you, you all go for it!!! That be your job!!! Your making a man outta my baby girl!! Wait, I didn't mean it that way!! LOL!!! Well Jade you know I crack myself up!!! All is still the same here. Although the tragedy down at Ft. Hood has hit a lot of people hard, it does make one appreciate all that our military service members do for us, every day, every minute. To all the crew of the USCG Sherman, thank you for keeping our waters safe and serving your country. I don't think that ya'll hear that enough, but I for one appreciate all the sacrificing you do and your families do. Happy Belated Veteran's Day to all!! SN Jade Cude, I love you and miss you and can't wait to see you, hopefully in January!!! Stay safe! And please, please don't grow a mustache!!