Sunday, December 13, 2009

GM3 Luke Milyard 12 Dec

Waking up every morning to a colder and colder sun rise means only one thing for the crew of SHERMAN, we are almost home. The anticipation grows everyday knowing that we are gaining closer every second to America and our loved ones. We have seen a lot during these three months of patrol but nothing looks better now then spending the holidays in port.
The Gunnery division has been working diligently in preparing for SHERMAN’s major ammunition offload in Seal Beach, CA. Knowing that this offload is the only event that stands in the way of home port the crew has been preparing to get this job done safely and quickly.
This evening flight deck movies were held for the crew (our underway movie theatre), and tomorrow afternoon we are looking forward to shooting skeet off of the flight deck. So even though our patrol is coming to a close our morale is staying high.
This in port is going to be a very busy one for the crew of SHERMAN with a full overhaul scheduled, and a lot of the crew leaving for “C” schools throughout the inport. I am looking forward to a vacation back home to the east coast to catch up with family and friends and see how much my nephew and niece have grown! Also like most of the crew I am looking forward to hitting the slopes in Tahoe. All in all this patrol has been a good experience for us all, although long it was very successful and we can feel good knowing we made a huge difference.


  1. Thank you for your post!~ Happy Holidays to everyone aboard the Sherman! Welcome Back ! (in advance)

  2. All of you make us proud. Thank you for all you do while we go on with our lives knowing our coasts are being protected by a strong and reliable CG.